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Today, I'll try to write this page in English.

To tell the truth, my Russian friend reads my web site, too.

Of course, he can't read Japanese, therefore he reads this by GOOGLE translation system.

but that system is not perfect.

Sometimes the system is cause for misunderstanding.

That's why I don't want him to misunderstand. 

well, I'm leaving from Antalya tomorrow.

It's time to say "good bye'' or "see you" to my friends in Antalya.

This morning ,I went to church for missa.

Maybe this is my last missa in Turkey.

We sang songs, we talked about Christianity. 

After missa, I had a lunch in restaurant with my friends.

I felt that the vanished days were long and short.

Reality and time often contradict each other.

Time goes by.

Life goes on.

So, after lunch we went to play bowling and stroll. 


What I got at school in Antalya was not only the ability of speaking Turkish but also two great friends.

Without them, my life in Antalya wolud not be joyful, absolutely.

When I came here, it worried me to restart my Turkish life in Antalya.

But I was so lucky because this was quite timely.

peki....Time is up.

it's time for us to go another way.

I hope we'll meet again sometime.

Thanks a lot. 

How kilometers did we walk together in the Antalya?

How many liters did we sweat?

How many liters did we drink a beer?

We always talked of various subject.

For instance, politics and our own dream, science theory, of courese women...

When I heard that you will major in Japanology in university, of course in Turkey!!

I was so surprised and delighted.

I am sure that you will succeed.

I don't believe destiny but this is like destiny.

So, I'm looking forward to seeing you in the future.

Let's find what the purpose of life is!!